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Skin Care Routine For Your 50s: Skin Changes & Hormonal Changes

Skin Care Routine For Your 50s: Skin Changes & Hormonal Changes


Have you reached the point in your life where you look in the mirror and find that the days of falling into bed with makeup on are over? For those of us who were a little careless in our carefree teens and 20s and stressful 30s and 40s, in our late 50s and beyond is the time to step up our skincare routine. Menopause may or may not be over us completely. As estrogen decreases over time, the skin’s resilience also decreases. However, a routine tailored to our age can go a long way towards making up for lost time. It’s never too late to start a proper skincare routine, even in our 50s.

best skin care routine for your 50s

Our skin at 50

“This is the decade when your skin really loses its elasticity,” says Eminence Organics Product support representative Alana Henrikson. “Your skin barrier function is weakened.” The elasticity and radiance of your skin can change drastically almost overnight and this change will continue over the next few decades, so your skin care routine should also change. What aging skin changes are we talking about? Here is a summary:

  • folds
  • Dark spots
  • Ultra dryness and dehydration
  • Sensitivity and irritation
  • Slackness
  • Large pores
  • inflammation
  • acne

The sun damage you got away with in your earlier years takes revenge in the form of dark spots and wrinkles. Collagen production drops: In the first five years of menopause, your skin only produces 30% of what it was doing before. This reduces elasticity and wrinkles appear. At 50, you may also find that the jaws sag and large pores appear when gravity does its job. The change in hormone and pH levels further weakens the skin and affects its moisture barrier, especially around the eyes, lips and neck where the skin is thinner. Inflammation makes your skin more sensitive and irritable. And to make the injury worse, acne sometimes returns, a by-product of hormonal imbalance.

It’s a long list of dermatological ailments, but this is where age-matched daily skin care routine can make a real difference in getting younger looking skin by the age of 50.

Best skin care routine for your 50s

Start with a skin care routine that addresses your aging skin problems. Any effective routine for the 50+ age group should include these important steps. Once you are comfortable with these steps, next we have some of the best skin care products for the over 50s.

To clean

First wash your face with lukewarm instead of hot water, which removes the oil your skin needs. And don’t use soap; Instead, try a mild multi-action cleanser, like our Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser, which moisturizes and firms up while removing impurities. If you are plagued by acne, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, which opens your pores but doesn’t dry out your skin.


Toning prepares mature skin for the next step and helps increase its absorption of the following active ingredients. Fill up your skin with Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist, the neroli oil and. contains Natural retinol alternative complex designed to restore the appearance of firmness and elasticity.


Exfoliating is difficult on older skin. Removing dead skin cells restores the appearance of a healthy glow and reduces the signs of aging, but the slowdown in collagen means your skin is now thinner and more fragile. So treat the peeling with a gentle but effective treatment like our Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel.


A weekly home treatment mask, like our Bamboo Age Corrective Masque, uses ingredients like shea butter to give your skin a supple and rejuvenated look.

To treat

One of the biggest problems with mature skin is hormonal changes. The loss of collagen increases during menopause and continues after menopause, resulting in droopy, visible lines, larger pores, and bags under the eyes. Serums like Eight Greens Youth Serum make the skin look younger. You can also apply the Rosehip Triple C + E Firming Oil or Firm Skin Targeted Treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Where do we start? There are a number of moisturizers available to treat specific skin problems that are common with aging skin. To combat the appearance of sagging skin, use moisturizers that provide a lifting and tightening effect. For example, the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer is rich in coconut oil, shea butter, and grapeseed oil to help moisturize the skin.

Eye care

When you start seeing the first signs of crow’s eyes, refresh your skin routine with an eye smoothing cream. Hydrate the delicate area around the eyes with Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream, which contains shea butter and oils to help restore moisture to the skin.


Sun and UV rays can have detrimental effects in all phases of life. To protect your skin from rain or shine, sunscreen products with at least SPF 30 are your best ally. These basics are the start of your new skin care life: Embrace them!

Need more 3 more product ideas for your 50s

Are you looking for more recommendations? Our product support team leader Alicia Hawthorne you have collected other product suggestions that you may prefer, depending on the skin problems you are dealing with.

When you’re dealing with extremely dry skin, there is no better source of moisture for mature skin than the Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer. Our Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer is rich in shea butter and skin-firming hyaluronic acid and, thanks to its intensive moisture supply, extinguishes thanks to the a BioComplex, a booster of antioxidants, coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid.

For uneven skin tone, our new Bright Skin Targeted Treatment is a simple remedy that uses licorice root extract, Punarnava, and turmeric to reduce the appearance of dark spots. By applying this powerful treatment to individual areas, your complexion will look lighter and more even in skin tone.

One solution to improving skin elasticity is to add Bamboo Firming Fluid to your skincare routine over 50. Formulated with fortifying ingredients like bamboo and coconut, this potent serum also contains a natural retinol alternative for smoothing wrinkles and Swiss green apples that show the signs reduce skin aging. These important ingredients work together to visibly tighten the complexion and make you look younger and fresher.

You can also supplement your routine with regular facials at your nearest Eminence Organics Spa partner. Experts can address your new concerns and make sure you’re giving your skin exactly what it needs. What changes do you notice in your skin as a result of aging? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on social media.

Not in your 50s? Find skin care information for your age group:

This post was originally written by Clara Young in January 2020.



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